Megan Jewel holds one of her hand cut paper collages inspired by New Orleans


Megan Jewel is an artist and maker currently based in New Orleans. Megan’s
whimsical illustrations explore the relationship between our human emotions
and the colors, patterns and shapes found in nature using only tiny scissors,
paper, and glue. Finding quiet moments in the process of cutting each shape,
Megan’s “paper meditations” reflect on the artist's sense of self, home, and
belonging. In each composition, the negative space is considered as equally
as the positive, showing how each shape relates to the others. The thoughtful
placement of each piece of paper invites the viewer to contemplate the way
visual sense connects to our emotional state. As a lifelong collector and
documentarian, Megan uses photographs and found objects from her daily
walks in New Orleans to inspire her vibrant paper collages.
Megan received a B.S. in Cinema & Photography from the Roy H. Park School
of Communications at Ithaca College in 2006. Megan is the host of craft
workshops and classes throughout the New Orleans area, and has
collaborated on and developed craft experiences for numerous local
businesses, schools, and organizations. When Megan isn’t cutting shapes,
she enjoys experimental textile dyeing, bicycling, baking, attempting to play
the banjo, and hanging out with her cat, a calico named Cookie.