Megan Jewel Hand Dyed Goods

hand dyed goods

Small batch dyed goods made in Megan’s workshop in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Using a combination of traditional shibori methods of tying and binding fabric as well as contemporary techniques like ice dyeing - each project is an experiment in pattern, movement and color. The unique process of ice dyeing allows dry pigments to meander through melting ice until they reach the fabric creating organic or kaleidoscopic patterns reflecting how the fabric was bound. 

Each pigment selected for a dye batch is carefully chosen by Megan using principles of color theory to create colorways that are inspired by the season, elements found in the natural world —  specifically local flowers and wildlife, as well as Meg’s obsession with the patterns found within rocks and minerals. While some silks may have similar colors, no two will ever be exactly alike due to this experimental process. These hand dyed adornments are each an original work of art. 


One of a kind silk scarves, clothing, and accessories are available in monthly Shop updates. Commissions and custom orders are currently open for Fall / Winter 2021. 

Custom dyed fabric yardage is available for purchase for sewists, artists, and industry professionals upon request.